Terms and conditions

Laguna beach resort is affiliated with Laguna beach resort PVT LTD as a resort brand to offer you its multiclass services, but we do have our own terms and conditions applicable to make sure everything works smoothly.

We present to you the ways in which you should agree to such terms while booking or having apartments on rent at our resort and we hope that you respect and follow them before considering us to make it a perfect adjustment.

User access

  • The access to our website is completely safe and comes with privacy, but you are soulfully responsible to use it with access and for the only purpose of booking, to check for our service and choose them accordingly.


  • Reserving slots in the form of an apartment would only be considered once you provide us your choice, dates in which you want to reserve, and have made payment for certain apartments to be allotted for which we should make possible adjustments.

Booking agreement

  • However, your booking should be confidential to a written agreement and no booking should be considered complete without signing it which should be done once you arrive at our resort and do the final signing to it.


  • For your process to agree for apartments in the resort, you would get an automated generated mail for confirmation of charges applicable for paying it. The booking must be a minimum of  One month, we do not take booking for less than a month.
  • We recommend you not reply to it but save it for future reference when you come to consider apartments at our resort.

Payment conditions

  • It may be possible that some part of your balance is remaining, so we request you to provide the final balance after signing the booking agreement to get your apartments allotted.
  • The payment is offline as it is safe and secure to pay for final charges applicable.

Variable prices

  • However you should not get done with payment received during the digital process of booking, charges can vary and you should be prepared for it.
  • Change of bills can coincide with currency exchange, government rules, resort taxes, and other possible options so you must agree to the fact that prices can vary on certain terms and may not remain the same always.
  • We hope that you should agree to these terms or must have read them before considering booking with us or it may result in misinformation so we request you to go through our terms and conditions so we can accommodate you luxury apartments with ease…