Refund Policy

  • You are always welcome to our resorts if you have made a booking, but in case you changed your mind and wish to cancel it, then we would appreciate your decision at the least due to your own concerns.
  • To help you how our rules work for cancellation we present you our canceling policy with a few basic guidelines regarding it so you can get notified and can consider charges applicable based on certain regulatory conditions.
  • However, if you plan to cancel your trip at the last minute due to any urgent work or other cause, then you may have to pay us the charges applicable on booking at our resort as we follow no refund policy.
  • We would charge you 30000 baht as the prepayment you made.
  • Similarly, if you plan to cut short your trip instead of the number of days you have booked apartments at our resort, then you have to pay the entire charges agreed upon while booking for them.
  • It is within terms of canceling a policy that you update us or let us know earliest so we can help you and let you arrange things on the basis of your needs.