Privacy Policy

Every place that offers apartments on rent or for sale does respect your privacy, not share details on its website with unwanted intruders, agents, or other members and ensure that your information remains protected.

We are similar to it while considering the standard of privacy, so we present to you our privacy policy and the way we handle your information to make it safe and secure for booking and your own benefit only.

General steps

  • Laguna beach resort is a verified resort complex and the trade name of such platform is authenticated, so it works with copyright and no right is given to any other website to copy, reproduce, take photography, redistribute or do any other step which breaks the rule of binding of such trade name in official terms.

Making a reservation

  • To consider personal information, this is the first general way in which you provide us with your name, contact details, address, time of booking and other details on the website so we can offer you services to give you apartments on rent and arrange for it to cover your needs.
  • We make sure that it doesn’t become common information for outside third-party platforms and try to keep it safe by setting general privacy terms applicable to everyone in our contacts.

Collecting information

  • However, there is a process to collect your information and allow it to the certain active member for required purposes:
  • To those who would provide you hospitality once you consider booking apartments.
  • To those who arrange for apartments at your arrival location as our representatives.
  • To those who are our classified employees and help you with all needs to cover out.
  • We may also provide you notifications on new updates on services and packages, so your information is also shared with our clients who provide new deals.
  • In this process, it is taken care that no unnecessary group or outside third party is allowed to take such information and we make sure privacy norms are followed strictly.

Disclosing of information

  • There may also be certain conditions where we disclose your information and not give it to such groups in any situation:
  • Agents who are looking to convince us of similar apartment services on behalf of us.
  • Ad parties who are trying to allocate you for their own market benefits.
  • Unknown visitors at our site looking to have a bigger amount cause you took out room services.
  • We try to make sure that they don’t get a possible way to reach you out and disclose the information if they try to get such details from us to benefit you.

Uses of website

  • We also consider general steps that can make our use of the website more specific, they are general concerns and don’t have to do anything with your classified information.
  • We use google analytics to check out our ranking on the web to stay on top for public preference.
  • We take out role calls to find the number of visitors who check out our website.
  • We also continue to promote and arrange ad services so a larger pool of people can consider our resorts for booking.
  • We also give you updates on discounts, recent trends, and our newly coming offers and shout-outs that are done only for promotion.
  • We make sure that our website is protected with encryption and firewall so no intrusion can take place and you can use it safely.
  • It is our priority to ensure that your personal information remains safe, we maintain very healthy privacy to ensure that the best service is arranged with all concerns easily covered for our customers to provide the best experience possible…