Laguna Beach Resort 3 The Maldives Resort

High facilities and amenities to give you the best possible comfort. You may also get an experience of sun drenches close to the site.

Laguna Beach Resort 3 The Maldives Resort

A perfect start to get into the resort complex and get you in touch with all facilities.Large size area to explore for condos, living places, or even for group activities. A working area dedicated to perfect Wifi service of high connectivity.

A perfect garden area to fresh and chill out natural essence with sea winds. High-quality pools in large sizes offer you the facility to dive in and consider the best water activities in the 5,000 SQM range.

Perfect view of the entire water area by sliding down and getting the best experience possible.
More to explore with close affinity to sand beaches opened for public visit. To let you stay fit, Jim is also available with quality fitness arrangements to suit your needs.

To let your body get heat and have a unique physical experience, this facility is also perfectly set for your taste.